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I have always felt that clothing and jewelries act more as soul armor than as mere body decorations.  When creating, my intent is focused on this ideal, and on giving individual life-spark to whatever piece I am crafting. I intend for all of my creations to serve as sacred vessels for their wearers, whether in Ritual or regular use, and in the very least offer up supreme aesthetic satisfaction and resilient durability for all of life's adventures.

It is important for me to keep pure in my creative means, to ensure potency in my alchemical tailoring; thus, I refuse to purchase any furs, cashmeres, wools, or leathers that are not secondhand or cruelty-free. I try most often to buy vintage or antique fabrics, seeking to recycle first before buying newer materials..and when I do splurge on fabrics, I go for only the most luscious and lovingly-made. The same goes for my antique trinketries...I hoard only the most charged of treasures and gems, so that all adornments have a sophistication and sacredness unlike any other.

In a culture where capitalism has dictated a soulless ideal of mass-produced mainstream style, I find it ever-increasingly necessary to honor the Land and Body; I do so by creating wearable art, made with love and by loving means, to dispel the sorceratic threads binding our current fashion paradigm.